How To Use Magisk To Root An Android Phone
(So Netflix and Android Pay Work Again)

Since the start of the operating system, android phones have been rooted by the users. It has become much more difficult in recent years. More recently, a new method to handle root management has been created. This method is called Magisk.

What Magisk Is.

The traditional way to root an android is something like the following; unlocking the bootloader (or look for an exploit) then flashing a custom recovery and finally, installing SuperSu. This has been working very well for years.

years. However, since Marshmallow was created, the most popular methods of rooting of previous versions have been essentially blocked by Google They have added the “su” daemon to the /system partition, running it with the needed permissions at startup. This has resulted in another

new type of root access known as “systemless” root. It is called that due to the fact that it does not affect the /system partition at all. As part of the security upgrade also, certain softwares example of which is the Google SafetyNet has been added to keep some services including Android Pay Secure.

This means users will have to decide on whether to choose root access or valuable services.This is where the Magisk comes in. Basically, this is the evolution of Android root access and management. It does not touch the SafetyNet so you can still access Netflix and Android

Pay and powerful apps like Xposed are still allowed to continue working. It is totally open source, constantly under development, and keeps on improving every day. If you are worried about losing Android Pay and other things, you can now use this new rooting method

How Intermittent Fasting Helps In Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting Leptitox Weight Loss Pills Reviews is a relatively new fat loss method that shocks your body into shedding more fat and help you lose weight. Read Doctor Prescribed Leptitox reviews and It works when you take short consistent fasts throughout the week whereby changes happen to your metabolism and you start losing weight. There are three major ways in which intermittent fasting works.

8 Hour Feed:
How you do this is by having all your meals during an 8-hour period, missing breakfast in the process. This change in your eating schedule means that your body doesn’t get food when it expects it, leading to it getting shocked which leads to change and shedding of fat and finally helping you lose weight.

24 Hour Fast:
Every week, you fast for 24 hours on 1-2 days, depending on how hard it is and your work-school schedule. This significantly reduces the total calories that you take into your body every week which eventually has to and will result in a drop in weight.

Calorie Cut Days:
To do this you have to reduce your calorie intake to around 500-600 for 1-2 days a week, while maintaining normal calorie requirement on the rest of the days. This would also bring down the cumulative number of calories you consume every week.

Note: Intermittent fasting can only work if you don’t make up for the cut in calories by eating a lot more on the other days. You must make sure that your eating and sleeping schedule is uniform and adequate.

Intermittent fasting works by shocking your body by deviating from its normal course, by cutting calories on several days, making your bodywork harder to make the stored energy accessible for daily functioning. This is done by making changes to important hormones and nervous system activities.

Change in Growth Hormone:
Growth hormone is primarily responsible for muscle building and rapid shedding of fat. When you fast, the growth hormone rises, making it easier for your body to cut fat. Research has proven that during a fast, it can increase by up to 5 times.

The nervous system controls norepinephrine, a hormone that helps in the breaking down of fat. When you do intermittent fasting, the amount of norepinephrine that is sent to the cells increases, thereby breaking down a lot more fat to fatty acids that get used up for energy in the process.

The amount of insulin that your body secretes goes on increasing when we eat. Likewise, when we fast, it decreases significantly leading to burning of fat to make up for it.

Tips to make the most of Intermittent Fasting

1. Avoid binge eating after you fast, especially the first meal that you eat after the fast. When you’re breaking your fast, make sure that you start off by eating light, gentle foods such as nuts or yogurt or fruits etc. This is because you’re trying to change your body and anything that goes beyond the minimum food that you require would reverse the effects that come out of fasting.
2. Limit the amount of processed carbs that you eat, this is because carbs and sugars typically contain a lot of calories which will make you gain more weight and fat. Make sure your diet consists of simple carbs and good protein.
3. Drink plenty of water and to make the fasting period more enjoyable, you can drink lemon juice or other fluids such as coffee or tea or any other calorie free drinks.

4. Although we don’t recommend caffeine, it’s okay to drink coffee in the morning as it helps in suppressing your appetite throughout the day, making it a little easier for you to stick to your targets.
5. Don’t skip meals when you’re fasting. When you’re done fasting, make sure you eat all your meals that you are supposed to have during that window. If you skip a meal after fasting, it will lead to an insulin spike that will cause imbalances in your body.
6. Most importantly, to make the most of intermittent fasting, make sure to combine it with a proven weight loss supplement such as Leptitox because it’s natural and has no side effects. This is so that you see sustainable results a little faster.

Nevertheless, it is important that you understand that all of this won’t work if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. Intermittent fasting will be a lot more effective if you can combine it with an effective workout regime that helps you pack muscle and shed fat faster. A lot of bodybuilders use intermittent fasting to achieve their fitness goals and justifiably so. Intermittent fasting is a good, effective way to lose weight fast while not compromising on your health, you should check it out. Good luck!

Using Magisk

Magisk functions as an all round solution for root app installation, root management, and more. It is like a combination of Xposed and SuperSU, all in a tight, clean package. It is easy to understand the app as it is very straightforward. Below are the main features of the menu.

This displays the version currently installed, as well as the status of the root and SafetyNet.
This is for installing from the app directly.  You can use it to update the Magisk after going through the initial setup.
Basically, this is the SuperSu part of Magisk.

It installs Magisk modules.
This is where Magisk modules are downloaded from.
Requests log

In the Settings menu, there are more advanced options. Below is the breakdown of their functions.