How To Use Magisk To Root An Android Phone
(So Netflix and Android Pay Work Again)

Since the start of the operating system, android phones have been rooted by the users. It has become much more difficult in recent years. More recently, a new method to handle root management has been created. This method is called Magisk.

What Magisk Is.

The traditional way to root an android is something like the following; unlocking the bootloader (or look for an exploit) then flashing a custom recovery and finally, installing SuperSu. This has been working very well for years.

years. However, since Marshmallow was created, the most popular methods of rooting of previous versions have been essentially blocked by Google They have added the “su” daemon to the /system partition, running it with the needed permissions at startup. This has resulted in another

new type of root access known as “systemless” root. It is called that due to the fact that it does not affect the /system partition at all. As part of the security upgrade also, certain softwares example of which is the Google SafetyNet has been added to keep some services including Android Pay Secure.

This means users will have to decide on whether to choose root access or valuable services.This is where the Magisk comes in. Basically, this is the evolution of Android root access and management. It does not touch the SafetyNet so you can still access Netflix and Android

Pay and powerful apps like Xposed are still allowed to continue working. It is totally open source, constantly under development, and keeps on improving every day. If you are worried about losing Android Pay and other things, you can now use this new rooting method

A Complete Guide To Snapseed Photo Editing App

Have you heard about Snapseed? and why snapped is best photo editing App for iOS devices? If not here is brief information about this amazing iPhone photo editing app. This app can be freely downloaded from the App store and you do not have to worry about any hidden charges. Well, this app is totally non-destructive and if you are one of the professional photographers out there then this is an ideal app for you.

What are the features of Snapseed?

On snapseed the users can make their edits with the help of swiping gestures in order to select the various enhancements and effects. Also, there is an option where one can choose the adjustment of color and contrast to be automatic. Apart from that, the user can now easily share their edited images on various networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Another amazing feature that is available on snapseed is that the users can now save the history of their edits and then redirect them to any of those actions done before.

What can one do with this photo editing app – Snapseed

Firstly, you can select a photo from the album on your phone or click a fresh new picture from the camera of your phone. Snapseed you will find the looks tab and with that, you need to select a thumbnail which is available at the end of the screen. So, then moving on to the editing part of the app, this is done in the Tools section of this app. When you go there you will come across some glamor glow filters and a healing brush. Apart from that, there are other essential things that can help you in making your picture all the more attractive and beautiful. You can also make use of the frames, lighting effects and textures so that your picture looks better than it’s original.

So, every time you tap on a tool, you will see options that can be used on your image. All you need to do is click on each thumbnail in order to apply the effect on the image that you have edited and then see how beautiful it looks. You will also find some other tools that you can use in making your picture amazing and these tools include filters for head poses, double exposure, text and blue lens. Also, after you are satisfied with all the edits that you have made you can click on export. Then right away from the exported screen you will be able to share the image that is edited, create a copy with some permanent changes or even save it separately from the individual photo.

The entire editing process is easy and simple to follow and understand. Also, it will get you addicted. You can keep experimenting with the various tools that are available on the app and make the edits and adjustments as per your convenience. Also, you do not have to worry as nothing will be permanent until you decide that it needs to be made permanent.

Using Magisk

Magisk functions as an all round solution for root app installation, root management, and more. It is like a combination of Xposed and SuperSU, all in a tight, clean package. It is easy to understand the app as it is very straightforward. Below are the main features of the menu.

This displays the version currently installed, as well as the status of the root and SafetyNet.
This is for installing from the app directly.  You can use it to update the Magisk after going through the initial setup.
Basically, this is the SuperSu part of Magisk.

It installs Magisk modules.
This is where Magisk modules are downloaded from.
Requests log

In the Settings menu, there are more advanced options. Below is the breakdown of their functions.


Dark Theme
It changes the theme of the app.

Update Notification
Get notified when there an updated version of Magisk is available.

Enable Busybox
It mounts busybox.

Clear Repo Cache
This refreshes the repository of the app.

Magisk Core Only Mode
It activates the simplest form of Magisk, with just busybox, hide, superuser, and systemless hosts.

Enable the following settings if your device does not pass SafetyNet test.

Magisk Hide
Systemless Hosts
SuperUser Access
Automatic Responses
Request Timeout
SuperUser Notification

Most of these settings functions in the background except Magisk Hide. A new option will be displayed in the menu once enabled- Magisk Hide. You will tell Magisk the applications to hide its presence from there. Android Pay is chosen by default. You can select any other app that won’t work when a device is rooted. Apps like Pokemon Go and Netflix, for example.